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Jan. 15, 1909), described the disease in an illustrated article and
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tary follicles and of the agminated follicles of Peyer.
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profession in South Carolina, as well as much valuable matter, a part
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. patient is eighteen years old ; there is no family history worthy of note.
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matism, and calls attention to the importance of their pathologic and etiologic
(c) In the steamship St. Andrew. — The steamship St. Andrew car-
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the cardiorenal features of the case, and apparently having no bearing on the
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vascular paralysis was formidable and became total.
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better. When a shivering, trembling wretch, useless
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or to some growth (inflammatory or other) involving it. As examples of
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be removed from its local habitation by measures that will not entail
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Again, in ordinary idiocy, Down has been able to refer
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tuberculin is of considerable interest. The reaction he believes is
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sides of the face by destroying the nucleus of one facial nerve, and the fibres
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lialf of tliem are computed to have perished. Hence it speedily passed
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vessels, artery, and duct run between them, and give off branches to contigu-
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reveal merely fibrous elements, without a trace of lung tissue. The pleura
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relationship. This is indicated by a query. For instance, in
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( The Lancet), On the fourth day after the commence-
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No. 3 or 4 bulbous bougie, a third stricture was found
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white, had a silvery Xw^ive and a specific gravity exceeding
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fered from coxitis when 3 years of age, and when the
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as unprofitable to science. In the form of notes he occasion-
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The plan of treatment advocated by Professor Golis,
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day or two latter the post-nasal space was seen to be
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longer be contaminated from the patient, the inference
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fever, on the other hand, the acceleration is even greater than one would
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