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state of the ground, and if in an apartment, that of
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to the fact that it deprived the animal of oxygen. Similar results
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find but one case in which there was recovery, and that
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If th gastric juice does not flow at once, the patient is instructed
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ceive it quite impossible to transcend their status ; that when
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of the vocal cords. He published his earliest observations on the vibrations of
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contact with the solids and fluids of the body, sets
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micbe di pilocarpina uoUa terapia oculare. Morgajini,
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In a breech, knee, or footling presentation, whether it was a sacro-
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of the gland is a very noticeable feature of the specimen. The
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23, 1877, in the West Bromwich Hospital. There were
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The average mortality of all classes in the Kaiser und
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The term chronic pneumonitis is not here considered as embracing whift <
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Sticker. G. ; BeitrSge ziir Pathologic und Therapie der LeukJImie.
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Involvement of the muscles of the spine makes it impossible for
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confirmed the assumed benign character of the affection. The
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famous of penal institutions a few months ago, after an al-
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Oleum Ch^noceti. — Guldberg, of Christiania, has investi-
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Difficulty has been found in various ways in secur-
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But the most common form of poisoning is the chronic cachexia pro-
Case 4. — Miss S., a single woman, aged 32, a bookkeeper at an hotel,
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.day) during the season in which the disease is prevalent.
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number, and of these nearly five hundred are medical
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patients afflicted by heatstroke. 2 We suggest that cocaine-
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of the poor and much afflicted insane, whom to leave to
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addition to other consequences he found that injuries on one side of the cerebellum
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Aside from the routine work, all I have doiie in Wayne is to try to
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tongue coated and dry except near tip which is red and clean ; any
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quinin, administered for the first time in early childhood on account
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which they are distributed, which may even take the form of
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his room-mate and classmate at college who had not the ben-
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marriage, nearly twelve months before. May I ask the favour
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I have found it of great assistance to explain the rationale
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nscharte ira Alter. Arch, f Ophth., Leipz., 1893, xxxix,
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may be used for vesical irrigation^ and a more thorough
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wards, when the father came for a certificate of death. From his

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