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increasing at a terrible pace; for although throughout the

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stated " that I am decidedly in favor of blood-letting as a mechanical means

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of harelip and pleft palate if we suppose that the arrest of

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Its Measurement. — Dr. Lucien Howe, Buffalo, said that

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fairly engaged, unless the excited hairs touch something,

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class of cases. Fortunately the latter statement is growing day

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importance. This is especially true of tubercle bacilli and pneumococci.

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tilled water when introduced into the stomach and subse-

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be the most favorable result for the patient where he is simply tapped.

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dical corporation, unlike all other medical bodies,

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lamp socket. Over the lamp bulb is placed a glass tube, one

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your first claiming and then reaffirming, in your edi-

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a moderately extensive practice, there is occasion every year to see


small bean, and a point of interest in their location was

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the ears. He was seized in the morning of 19th September

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meetings. Every practitioner of medicine must know that

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appreciation of his message and regret at his absence, the motion being

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some vesical complications with persistent constipation, faecal

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tinues to be favored, and repeated arguments are made for the use

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discoloration of patches of the skin, which is alleged to have

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brought upon one's self by carelessness or ignorance of

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intelligence suppressed. To this compliment has now

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urine sometimes met with ; the defect of renal secretion. This is almost

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teeth were very loose. Gently opening the lids the greater part of the

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Senior Surgeon to the Central London Throat and Ear Hospital, etc.

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social ataxy which interferes with delicate social intercourse.


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emptied of their blood, and the real condition is then

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to the Assocmtion of Medioal Officers of vHcalth, 10;},055iISXi3alIons ; and

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decubitus should be with the head raised ; or the patient should

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the consonant without using the voice, and the result may be contrasted

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in it to fusion, without any combustion ensuing. It was

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bly live long, and yet he does live and grows old in his miseries. Such may reason-

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