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of two patients were annually operated upon, in the Manchester
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a piece of breakfast-bacon eight hours before admission, a vulcanite plate
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the article be converted into a medicine of very dif-
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sources were no doubt quite as efficacious as those provided by the
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trembling consists in successive jerks — muscular contraction and rel-
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to appendicitis is very striking, and just as the mortality of that
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xliv Schafer : Discussion on Disease of Pituitary Body
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these causes, if they are in constant operation, all that
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gained a few grams, and his digestion was fairly good. He was
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three had been discovered, all persons who had been
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haps a sister has died with consumption) feels bad, has a
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our remedies and methods of practice have shared a simi-
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founded, and to revise the book that was to carry his name down to
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have been recorded where no incontinence of feces followed the latter proceeding ;
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finally become perforated, at first usually in their centres. The holes between
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or toes or the whole foot remain cold and dead without any attempt at
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wall, while the lower part consisted of red, soft coagulum
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discover influenza bacilli in any of the cases, but a
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are sawn through, opening the pleura. The fourth and fifth intercostal
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ansemic, but very cedematous ; the left side of the heart contained much
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dangerous to mother and child. When the child is dead, the
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of Force in Vital Phenomena. American Journal of Science and Arts, vol. xxviii.
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1959. Mitterling, Robert C, Chestnut St. & Glendale Rd., Upper Darby, Pa.
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being affected by this very fatal disease. The eldest of whom
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fevers, whose special nature is well defined, whose natural history
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so much of late, and spoke of natural methods as induc-
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and professional twin-brothers. Twenty men working in silence
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Definition. — By the term palpitation of the heart is meant a func-
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the cerebellum, medulla oblongata, and commencement of the spinal marrow
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the reversed currents, by its simplicity, its power of action,
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ture, that nearest the circumference of the cartilage,
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lioma from the general appearance of the mass of the growth. Epi-
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such as calomel, beta-naphthol, naphthalin, salol, cre-
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credits in German or French, Chemistry. Physics, and Biology.
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the liquor potass* arsenitis (F. 26, 41, 42, 46, 140, &c.).
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a new class has been created for it, and it has been
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more, places them beyond the reach of people of moderate mean\ For

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