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amputations and excisions for disease were on the whole more successful in the
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all our domesticated animals, but more particularly in the dog.
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' persons affected, and of these 4 died; apparently all had partaken of
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not be much displaced. Not so with the heart, since the
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paint with silver nitrate, 10 grains to ounce of water.
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beqnent occurrence in Norway, is "Nonvegian itch,** or Borket^
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of the fractured extremities. If this be successfully accom-
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ing of the remainder of this lecture, i)artly to impress
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K. Pasteur and the Babbit Pest in Australia. — In re-
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revives the patient and causes the heart to beat. It is
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wished me to proceed at once to his bedside. I did so, and arriving
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had been cut, and it was ulcerated and edematous. The author, who was
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of some external agency, or in which under some such mental inflaenoe
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dicates a considerable hyperamia of the brain and its membranes, an
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status reports, a drug stock clerk was added to the staff of the Office of
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It is well known that cerebral syphilis is often the cause and the origin of
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Schroder, C. Zeitschr. f. Geburts u. Gynak., Bd. xii., s. 499.
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adhesions are often general. The quantity of peritoneal fluid
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and croup. Either the neck is stretched out and the back and
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Columbia from any other State or Territory or the District of Columbia, or
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and a faint or whispering voice are important phenomena of stenosis.
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account inclined to admit that I was wrong in performing the old operation, and
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and erythema, which latter so resembled measles, and was
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to a Mining Company operating near the city of Mexico,
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ing lotion may be applied, such as lead water and laudanum.
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that so far, by placing protected human bacilli in the
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ous, syrupy liquid, of a sweetish taste/and fermentable; sp. gr.
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In this form proteinaceous granules (bodies unaffected by ether,
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called attention to the remedial effects of nux vomica
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Ill St. Louis and vicinity, and without doubt inotiier
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are among the strongest advocates of radical measures. A priori
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the heart's action. Hypertrophic enlargement of the left ventricle leads

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