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haustion, indicated by the rapid and irregular but somewhat hard pulse,

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had been said about the value of trional in such cases,

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be felt. By posterior rhinoscopy the nasopharynx was ascertained to

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relieved, and cases of ordinary severity are better left to nature,

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not suffer if sclmols did not exist. Before dealing with some points arising

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What light, if any, does this review of the histulogy of

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Pneumonia was frequent. In one case, there was a translation

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have been repeatedly confirmed. It is, therefore, well established that the

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bility of the part being blunted by the topical application, and the liability

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in bknkets for two or three hours. The salivation and other well-known effects

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larged, painful, and inflamed. The swelling was excised, and was found

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an example before us, but in the slighter form of irritative

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and which appeared fourteen days after the initial lesion and several days

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Pennsylvania. There were various indications, however, that

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An interesting instance of the importance of recog-


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results of his examination of large quantities of albumin-

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muscles of the pharynx. The patient also suffered from

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one side (for example, the left, in the L. O. A. position)

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Nature seeks to check the spread of peritoneal infection. The

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solution of four per cent, cocaine was applied, and the

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bronzing of the skin. It is not very comprehensible that, associated with

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grands ganglions sur la base sont dans Tetat normal.

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with that woman, I believe I'd quill her and have done

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