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tained in eyes affected with congenital coloboma iridis.
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founder. It is the only hospital in Madrid devoted exclusively to
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body on serologic tests. The proper methods should involve
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of the subjects of botany, comparative anatomy, and general
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Much as I value the measure, and brilliant as its results often
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Casb rv. — lu W., female, white, aged forty-six, married, referred by Dr.
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10. Blattner WA. Blayney DW. Robert-Guroff M. et al: Epidemiology of human
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Classification of Diseases — a matter of expediency and convenience ; the phy-
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duces a fearful injury, especially a very ragged wound at point
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tions have a grayish, smooth surface, on which are found scattered secondary growths.
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voted to “Interprofessional Cooperation for the Im-
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Yet another factor in blood-pressure must be taken into considera-
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cavity, resulting horn the depression. While the above terminations
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have cardiac disease and to all others whose general
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«IeB simply act as an exciting cause of scrofulosis ; but it is likewise among
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supernatural agents, or to what extent he relied upon their
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belongs the honor of having originated the idea that culminated in
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In the first place, we can conceive of it as a series of
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pulmonary tuberculous nodules. He also tried the treat*
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sternum along the lower edge of the third costal cartilage and
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brought from as far as Russia, so great is the fame of the
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of doses of calomel, it will be safe to give a potion of
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had complained about the 10th of March, of pain in the abdomen, on the left side.
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to put the one reading eye into the most favoring condition, ap-
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talis was responsible for the higher ventricular rate, was a patient with
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which are of the greatest necessity to the whole organ-
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not penetrate into the developed granulation tissues. The
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