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may recognize a condition as septicaemia from the onset, with no local disease
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eruption appears. In some cases there is decided chilliness. The writer
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tions in general. The wide variation in the frequency with which the con-
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(Strong's bacillus). The fourth group ferments monosaccharide, mannite,
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surance risk, but who has failed to notice and marvel at the
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political and local conditions, and the lack of power to enforce them, they
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palate, although the entire mucous membrane of the fauces may be affected.
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it may be like that of colic and not continuous, being felt just before the
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Department for the same year, which was 26.61, it will be seen that there is
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excretion, or the abstracting of any and all soluble substances
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to suit the patient. When this is coated, indicating gastric catarrh, small
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the presence of immune serum both in vivo and in vitro, and the Belgian and
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and ill-ventilated smallpox ward almost certainly has a deleterious effect.
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In 1880 Eberth discovered the specific cause of the disease, and Gaffky
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"In view of the experiments made it must be aknowledged
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congestive stage a hollow tympanitic note is often encountered. According
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occupying one-half to four-fifths of the cell, crowding the nucleus to one side,
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included and the percentage of reported cures thus materially raised. In their
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regarded as a mere variety of rubella, this conclusion is fallacious since nearly
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bered, as in several of this series the reaction was given only on the day of
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is abated. People send to each other to know if any of their family has a
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are pregnancy and the puerperal state. This is difficult to decide from
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may have posterior basic meningitis pure and simple, the exudate being only
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empyema and pericarditis twice; purulent peritonitis, endocarditis and
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scapula. The pain is increased on pressure, on mastication and salivation,
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conclusion that there is no serious structural change in the
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instances of hospital infection are to be thus explained.
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The attack is characterized by fever, which usually lasts about six days, fol-
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state, but finally died from other disease. The few who had
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cough bacillus, Jundell's Bacillus catarrhalis, Miiller's trachoma bacillus,
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pressure, with increased velocity, results in an increased
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obstinate opposition ; in fact, it was irresistible.
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house. After measles it is always well to give the apartments a thorough
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kept secret. Several laboratories in this country now make and sell killed
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ence on the presence of albumin. They ma}^ be absent in
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vania, up to the year 1828, and from this up to 1842 the United States was
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many years. Another centenarian, who was in no sense

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