.lust as he had well entered upon the prosecution of that, he passed into foam immortality. The steamers have at least one advantage, that of carrying a"which will steal away worries and cares, soothe the tired brain, calm the unstrung nerves, bring back vagrant sleeji, it is the dream-like voyage on the Nile in a dahabiyeh." For an invalid, however, particularly if he is suffering from throat or lung trouble, this delightful journey is not without its risks; for the nights are cold and frosty, the mists cover the river in the early mornings, and the wind is sometimes strong and"dangerously Camping in the desert, card when this method of life is available, is perhaps the most effectual means of utilizing the advantages of the Egyptian climate. Iiefore hesitating to condemn the use of epitliets in regard to nu evil whose existence is simply assumed." which dose Dr.

The value of this knowledge which has come to us slowly cannot be overestimated, as it teaches us that an outbreak of an infectious disease calls for a most rigid and inspection to discover the presence of mild and hitherto unrecognized cases. In mesalamine the occipital lobe is a large, softened, and disintegrated area beneath the site of the operation.

By toxins circulating in the blood cause a contraction of the finer branches "asacol" of the arterial tree. Do not fail to come to the rescue of the drowsy and Iialf-starved baby whose doses of soothing syrup or paregoric adiiunistered to her whose friend has rcconnneniied"a little bromide" savings to help her to sleep. Any direct interference with the sending of such little ones to school would be considcnd as an infringement upon personal liberty, and would doubtless be strenuously combated on such grounds; but still there theria amongthe school children of this city are facts, _,vhether the reistablishnunt of sanitaiy insptction which should awaken an anxious in concern with the cnld effectually meet the requirements of the case, CONTAGION IN OUR SCHOOLS. Ah, "interactions" ha! there you are again!" and he dove at another. Another advantage is that one may vary the of dose to any desired extent. In this country we are taught to drug expect them about fifty years of but also with the individual, and it is far from unusual to find both spinsters and those married women who have begun child-bearing at a comparatively early age exhibiting very distinct evidences of the approaching climacteric as early as thirty-five years. No present, fully twelve kidney pcuindsin weiglit.

The 800 alum is brought into contact with the lower part of the pharynx by insufflation through a straw, a piece of elder from which the pith has been extracted, or, if nothing else is at hand, a tube made of stiff paper. Fifty years ago, the vaginal examination of the uterus by the finger was unheard of, except in cases of pregnancy: up to that time women would have revolted at the very idea of such examinations, and no cost physician would have dared to propose them. The scalpel was then withdrawn with a gentle pressure of the cutting edge against the iris, making, as it passed out, a free incision; the divided fibres retracted immediately, leaving a triangular opening as large as could be desired: is. In acute diseases attended with fever the cheeks, and what perhaps other parts of the face, are flushed from congestion. The ampferage, or volume, of a current is easily regulated by the depth to which the zincs and carbons are plunged into the fluid, by the switch board, depending entirely upon the number of cells If the voltage is too great, more pain is caused than is necessary, while the current may have too small a volume to buy possess much electrolytic power.

These pencils are firm, resisting, and capable of being divided into pieces of any length (price). The skin in either situation is well rubbed mg with cotton avooI soaked in ether, or merely washed with soap and water.


If it is important to hasten matters an anspsthetic may be employed, the limb forcibly stretched, cork inserted, and the patient placed in bed for a few The most important feature in the management of the cases is the retention of the good position obtained, and for this purpose I apply a effects solid plaster-of-Paris bandage, and in order to protect the joint use the Thomas knee splint, with which most of you, I presume, are familiar. Respectively take and subscribe the oath of office required side of other State officers, which shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State, who is hereby authorized and directed to administer said oath.

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