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through an error on the part of the anaesthetizer, gave

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greatly aids the efforts of the child in producing the required con-

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pressure to the extent of six pounds to the square inch,

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of the fascia transversalis below the crural arch; it is par-

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Rome. This was on the second of Janur:ry, one of the

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the tube itself, the degree of pressure exerted upon the rubber

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therefore, is to complete the chief part of the operation, viz.,

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hard gymnastic work or played a handball game, or something of

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(2) The date for the meeting having been placed two months earlier

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grandfather, and aft'ected six children, the offspring of three of the above

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namely, the classification of offenders. At present all

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quent respirations f and the corresponding greater activity of

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Hitman Physiology, by William B. Carpenter, M. D., etc, Phila., 1856 ;. pp. 2,43^ 244.


be regarded as a direct manifestation of the gonorrhocal

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infant death rate was shown by Charleston, S. C, Avith a rate o1

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ache, one or two spots resembling slightly the rose-coloured laches, and

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welcomed on his return from Wiesbaden — where, as all

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the innermost recesses and folds of the mucous membranes, that mild and

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upon the skin, with the formation of a papule. The papule develops

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all our theories have been moulded on this conception.

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German naturalists and physicians held at Diisseldorf, Petruschky reported a case

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examination to each child, which is equivalent to examinations in the

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