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tubercle bacilli grown under the conditions described bv
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doubt the nervous symptoms of arsenical poisoning (paresis, anaesthesia,
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On firm pressure over the mastoid there was slight pitting.
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is the heart, the influence of which is also, at the same time,
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cramp, etc. Cases like that of Heymann * suggest a central
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"Eemakks. — There is no doubt one weak j^oiut in the above
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Octobor 8, 1898. The first, a male, with a breech presenta-
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Entozoa. Ciyptohia hi/icis <J. Acad. Nat. Sc. Phila. (1847-50), 2. s., v. 1
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1888, n. M., xlv, 137. — Kirniisson (E.) Deux vidumineux
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ing the day, the diet having been unrestricted. It had a specific
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instance, an elderly man, from whom normal urine is constantly
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Ascites results most frequently from diseases of the liver, the
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2. In cases of inflammation of- the lungs of horses, Peterlein,
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The gastric contents should be scrutinized first as
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duce feelings of general irritation and discomfort that were well-
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the week were under 5 years of age (34 being infants under one
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or in one or both orbiculares palpebrarum ; or in other facial
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of the olecranon. The neck of the radius was fractured three times,
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severe, pursue a favorable course, from 100 to 130 or 140 per minute. In
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the obliterated hypogastric artery (arteria umbilicalis), and
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tosis, attributing to prolapse of the intestinal mass a
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the sinking energies of life their last chance of rallying. Im-
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the maintenance and development of the world's industries,
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stage. During this period the only treatment necessary is absolute
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tral temperature is perhaps the most satisfactory explanation,
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of the nutrition of the heart muscle. By the constant

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