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14 In most instances the chloroform had to be completely removed before

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Fig. 1. — Position for intubation as recommended by Dr. O'Dwyerand generally practised.

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more liable to become relaxed and engorged, when the tissues become

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tion in the breath-sounds, especially if this be in the upper

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ruption of the paths leading to that centre from the half-vision centres in

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No other branch of medical science owes its progress to so uniformly divided

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ciple has also little smell when dissolved in water, which indi-

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mann (A.) Beobachtungen fiber das gelbe Fieber; niit

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vulsions of various parts of the body, and palsy of the

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until the morning of my visit. On the preceding night he had played

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short and quite small ; and also he was kept longer

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is impossible wJien many pupils are collected together;

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fashion of the time, he was called, was reported to

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lieve that in the stage of collapse remedies do not

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room, — to be thrown out ; I use his own expression, vid. 3L

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Intestine for Repair of Enterotomy Performed to Relieve

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treatment. With regard to internal cancers, the medical

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pulse omununicated to a nerre, pressure, ribration, heat, electricity, the perception excited in the mind, will have

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weight, and in far the greater number of cases we should re-

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muscles and especially not into the tissues around the

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function are distinctive of the higher form of mammalian

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to the profession and to the public. Our clinicians have made about

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also enlarged retroperitoneal glands. The spleen must be on the outside

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and uniform methods could be adopted and be carried out without fear

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given large doses of iodide of potassium, and there was

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lungs are congested and oedematous ; and the contents of the intestines

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interchange of professional kindness ; let us cultivate the

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tary notes; plumbing. J. Hyg., N. Y., 1890, xlvi, 285-287.

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water is of greater significance than the horizontal distance be-

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under my charge the tension from synovial effusion was so

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healthy tissues, are called syncytial wandering cells (Plate XIV.

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weeks, and you will also remember that the little patient was

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