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substance, old or new, in the intestine. In the latter, also fatal on the

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hospital statistics, in which persons of all ages, sexes, and conditions,

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were referred to in discussing the pathology (pleurisy and pericarditis)

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the environment of the patient. The gouty patient needs

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makes the butter, the corpuscle being broken by churning,

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Dehydration of Food as a Means of Conservation. —

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dred and seventy-six cases of typhoid fever were thus treated, of which

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however, that old and apparently healed tuberculous lesions undergo

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attack, like apoplexy or diabetic coma, to which their condi-

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limit. To the west there was little beyond Taylor Street,

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largest is the Lycoperdon giganteum, and grows to a circum-

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is the most powerful agent for arousing the lethargic patient, stimu-

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time of exacerbating periods when mucus, pus, and often blood are

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wait too long, adhesions occur, the patient's strength wanes, and when

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gotten that septicemia may pursue a chronic course in which the symp-

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" Catching cold," or exposure, as may obtain during protracted opera-

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headaches, furious mania, and even cerebro-spinal convul-

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beneath it. If the epidermis is a bad conductor, loss of blood heat

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more or less synonymous with the ptomaines as to results.

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makes a drink. Fermented, it makes palm wine; distilled,

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ing fluids are poisonous as they pass out of the system. The

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louder (sometimes ringing), and often bubbling, and may be heard on

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is totteriDg, to improve the circulation, restore warmth, and increase

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Differential Diagnosis, — Typlwid fever is distinguished from this affec-

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compresses should be noted. Active congestion, fluxion, and erythro-

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great heart pump. So marked is the effect of this skin tonic that in

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are often added to wines. Logwood is frequently added to

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a tone in which every part of the arterial circulation participates if

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new antipyretics — the so-called coal-oil derivatives, antipyrin,

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a great wine country. Beer still flourishes there to a greater

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results of the rest cure, hygienic and other methods may be con-

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coat, or, as Riegel deduced from the effect of amyl and pilocarpine, a

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That the perspiration and urine are secretions, to a certain extent

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tive. It is very interesting to note that this procedure quickly pro-

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gluten and starch contents are concerned, might easily be mistaken for

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newspapers. Many of the most prominent ones have adver-

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losing its virtue. It was sure in its action, and offered the advantage to

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usually fluctuated only for a short time after the bath was entered. The

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