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tion bring on the attack. Like gouty or lithemic derangements, they

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distinguish from biliary colic, and give rise to more uncertainty m

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prised at the excellent service and moderate charges.

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2. Avcfst/iesia. — Cocaine exclusively. For this purpose the

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with perfect coherence, and ytt they have been insane in

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been made, but, in the present condition of our knowledge of

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The answer to the second paragraph was— Yes The qualifications of

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CROYDON GENER.iL HOSPITAL.— House-Surgeon ; doubly qualified.

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l3e verified post mortem, owing to the caste prejudices on the

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the central nervous system. They are certainly not bacteria, but pro-

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bones niiiy be broken is extraordinary-, as in a case mentioned by

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forms of the organism. We have a number of illustrations of this in

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favor are arsenic, preferably in the form of the cacodylate of soda, of

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eflFects may render the subsequent course much more severe perhaps

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sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (bactrim ds) is known to enhance the activity of

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On the Absobption of Fibroid TrMoriis of the Utekds,

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pressure and act as diuretics, not imlike the action of digitalis.

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In the former disease the hands and feeb are always greatly,

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jury until the fracture is soundly united — that is, from four

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medical officers, and stated at the same time that the strain

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The following specimens were shown : Mr. Percy Dunn (for

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The mucous membrane of the mouth is very subject to inflamma-

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because the judgment of surgeons on this subject is of little value.

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Cagnei, James, M.A., M.D., M.R.C. P., appointed an Assistant Physician

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damaged kidneys are called upon lo do the most work. As nitrog-

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mucous membrane. In the former the loss is generally slight,

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7. The Section. — I always make the section in the upper

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in the other breast. If, in addition, the skin is not easily movable

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