Benzocaine Amide Or Ester

diaphragm. The localised bulging of the chest-waU, with the possible

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sequel to one entitled "Death Returns in Iowa's Cities and the

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reporters for coming here, carrying the work home, sending out the

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8th.— 9 a.m.: pulse 76; temperature 99-2°. 3.15 p m. :

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sought for this crepitating rale in cases of /icemoptysis, but have

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needle withdrawn. In each case the needle entered at the same aper-

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remote firom it, the proportions of the bUnd, within the in-

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by Seegen, Kiilz, and ]\Iay. Kiilz and Vogel have frequently noted

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In small phlyctenules grouped around the corneal border and where the

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Tt « Z until thirty-five days after death that the friends would allow an

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be mentioned regarding the instability of bacterial antigens. Only those who

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groin, turning up over Poupart's ligament: it was hard, and felt nodulated at

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cover. According to Dr. Pryor {Medical Xeics, May 27), " If

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bronchial tubes of both lungs ; in other instances, it was confined to

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which, otherwise, notwithstanding the efforts of competent

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Therapeutics. — A slightly stimulating diuretic ; used only for its

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and was made its president in 1877. He was several times

benzocaine amide or ester

much benefit was derived from the application of leeches to

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blood, yet the intervillal space was Ibsolutely free. Dissections of ova were

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of electricity to diagnosis, from which are derived the following con-

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portions accurately, but by a troublesome method closely akin to Wright's

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amine all persons who handle food, as such persons may transmit the

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culosis; 2, large tubercles,, volume may reach the size

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ing, his finger change the direction of the helix towards the

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heterogenous nondescript clothing. In Sofia, later in the same

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exaggeration that a suboxidation is present. The failure to understand

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gests that those forms be regarded as belonging to this

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increased cardiac dulness transversely and to right from hypertrophy of the

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These fine openings are only the air cells cut across, and in their

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one. There are obstructions somewhere, cry the rest. Raise the

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principle in the atmosphere, but caught solely by touching infected

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ture, burn, or any other mechanical or chemical vio-

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plethora, or if there be evidence of general vascular degeneration, rich and

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combining cryoscopy and polarization. In every case in which a dif-

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