Benzocaine Induced Methemoglobinemia

benzocaine hydrochloride melting point

ment. Bull. gen. de therapie 1852. Cited by Kelsch and Kiener.

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essentially an afi'ection of the male sex, and the proportion of severe

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medical friend, a very slight curving of the dividing line

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of them is felt: hence the gout is faid to cure all

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broken, or if the application of the shoe be imperative, a nicely

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benzocaine induced methemoglobinemia

local effects are sometimes as severe in those with

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fever for which it is used, or the conditions which produce the

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the artery constrictor of Dr. F. Spiers, of New York, and showed the instru-

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When we consider that Lancereaux saw only two cases, both of

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An additional argument in favor of the malarious origin of

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worse, dying August 3d. This man had on his arm the mark of a suc-

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not so alarming. In one case of a child, this throbbing was so

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vinced that the foundation of at least the largest propor-

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ill health the infant probably does not waste to any extent, and may be

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water, as if they had been burnt in oxygen." This is the conclu-

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which pervades the ultimate tissue of the lungs. This is necessarily the

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120, fell to 90. In a few days the appetite returned, the patient

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the liver and spleen ; and during the hot Stage an impoverished blood circulates vd

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and dangerous, may induce resort to it in many cases where

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gies. Shortly af;er, tumefaction became apparent, and

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alveolar process included between them was removed with a

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now cat more fresh lean meat, as mutton, beef, <fec. ; which is caused

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temperature. Signs of fltiid are heard over ^ho Treatment of Puerperal Mastitis.

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rence in the (^ ^'^ijg'' ^tP? ^i^." ^T^ One, first of all, has to con-

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no sugar, urea 1.6%. By the microscope amorphous phosphates

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to chloride of ammonium, he had prescribed it a good deal, but

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permanent nephritis. It must be added, however, that the intense forms are not

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ducts — those of the prostate, of Cowper's glands,

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siderably less than one-third of the total length. Thus,

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eter, with a nucleas not more than one-half the diameter of the

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Hospital, and to the National Hospital for the Paralyzed and Epi-

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