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the healing art. The effort to elevate to the proper grade the character of the
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is lower on the former test than on the latter. Similarly, Patient 110
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old school The ex-Pretident of the American Medical
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cited, was sclerosing mastoiditis. In this case the tym-
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with large deposit at the bottom of the tube resembling pus in urine.
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Use op Cadaver Poison by the Australians. — ^It is said
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is necessary to a healthy state of tlft central nervous system.
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(See Case CCLXXXIX.) That o-deina of the brain causes the nervous
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felt perfectly w&ll, with the exception of a sensation of weight in the
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Ankle-joint : case of erasion of ankle-joint illustrating a new
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guide VLB under other circtunstauces. Local pams mast be obviated by
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milk and lime water, a small bleeding or two, the external use of Jenner's
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pending upon the exchange of ions between the corpuscular and plasma portions of
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could see nothing in the term, but " hypocrisy and iniquity." In-
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only nurse and she escaped the disease, but the five
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Temperature of the rectum, 16 minutes after death,* 40**.25 C, 104°.4 F.; the temperature
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in the respiratory chamber, lest the ether might flow over
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earthly suffering, This was a very affecting case, and
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very small quantity. Pressure by means of a graduated series of
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ful, safe and pleasant, than we at present find them. These
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and sciences. Before the close of this century the Latin and Greek
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To request an advance registration brochure for the American College of Surgeons 1 994 Clinical Congress^
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complications have been observed : deafness ; amaurosis ;
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disease proceeds, the remaining muscles of the face, those
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being to spend two or three hours daily in open-air activities wholly dif-
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the Baltimore Infirmary, to be nearer to his friends and kindred. On the
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discontinued, to be resumed again as before, when the fever rises.
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choked into insensibility, and repeatedly ravished by
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The first case was in a young man upon whom deBovis oper-

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