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with an absence of the usual blood findings it is possible to diagnose

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requisite precautions. Even the use of ether is interdicted in experiments of

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eran of the war, and is surgeon general of the Rhode Island

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it tells all that it feels, and telegraphs intelligence

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versations witii patients, &(•., side by side with au exact

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position. This head stand provides high accuracy micrometer adjustment in positioning

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the more you study the pathology of your cases the better will you

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nia, and harsh, barking cough, that both syphilitic and simple catarrhs,

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or less paralysis, more or less difficulty of speech, and

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ment were then divided, and the bone disarticulated,

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sites appeared to be accompanied bj^ a diminution in the number of

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that we could pay him for what he has done in the greatest piece of

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pitting edema of both ankles and legs. The cardiologist felt that

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Whereas, 100 cc. of blood serum from 3 healthy persons was capable

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student for advanced work in physiology and are useful to students who intend to

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ovary was a blood- cyst. The right ovary was removed, and

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antesthesia, and, while admitting that chloroform, administered to women

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size of the adolescent group, all patients will continue to be

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tioned that the most gratifying results in our treatment of laryngeal

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great disiderata of our day. Its great hot beds are in

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disease of the blood (Bennet, Robin, Biesiadecki); others of the spleen

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opiate is given every two hours until positive drowsiness is produced, ft

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him, as a particular favor, to let him know if the medicine did

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and laminary structure, which consists,' as has been shown, of

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purely from choice, as they are better remunerated for

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of the lesion does not depend upon the length of time

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