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horizontal scale. As usual, a prism of about 10° is placed with its

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substitution of this salt for Medical uses, in jjlace of the other

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50 mg/kg/day No effect upon implantation efficiency

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to isolate them in their own homes. Whichever course

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Fcrgusson. It is now four years since she passed any number of

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of tobacco, that poison of" mind and body, which is still coun-


with steady pressure against the second stricture, and soon

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The stomach was distended with gas, which probably was generated by the remaining par-

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sembled very closely in size and appearance those of chol-

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nically called on its psychic side climacteric melancholia, and

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founded are separated by the broad distinction of a

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26th. His Royal Highness is now a full-fledged, all-

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conditions,) may be considered as an unhealthy and unnatural condition of

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Petersburg, has well remarked that the materials for decom-

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101° Fahr. On the morning of her death, at 9 a.m., it was

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of apoplexy, and hemiplegia is wanting ; the pupils respond readily to

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can be no successful contravention of natural laws.

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rona, wherein the Emperors of Prussia, Austria, Russia and France, de-

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the former being dissolved in liydrochloric acid, and

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and F. J. Mavob, M.B.C.V.S., President Central Veterinary Society.

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If the tissue around the nerve showed cicatricial changes, a

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141. On the Treatment of Syphilis by Hypodermic Injections of Corrosive Sublimate.

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lished an account of two cases in which an operation some-

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