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Let us take a brief retrospective view of the past.

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cannot be treated with zinc solution should be opened and exposed during

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commentary on the causes of death will command the most

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prevalence of the diphtheria bacillus. The relationship between that disease

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"Specialism will, in the future, prove either a bane or a

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glycosuria improves or disappears if the diabetes is slight ; in grave cases

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tablespoonfuls of the latter are given dai- o^ the origmal electric shock.— Proceed-

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the same localities, as complained of during her subsequent illness. So

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we compare the two schools of practitioners in a mass, thus including

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Chloride of Iron. — 1. As a local or external haemostatic, 3

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and to fear that his life is rather a curse than a blessing to him ; then

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years ; and lastly, it is unaccompanied by those ulcerations of the

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the conclusion that there was probably intussuscep-

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ries to be provided for by the town, and the keeper to have a license

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radially parallel only near the cambium line ; odor some-

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* Prepared at the request of the Medical Society of the Alumni of the Medical Depart-

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exuded fluid poured out by the papillary vessels. A clean piece of

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of the hip on the division into intra-capsu- Ransohoff (Annals of Surgery) Regard-

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contains brief accounts of forty-eight cases gathered

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a troublesome and somewhat obscure chronic or functional disorder, review

L. E. Hutch insoni M. D., died at his home in Marinette, on June 8, from

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phuric acid were added, and the characteristic appearances of strychnia, when

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partment of public health in which there is a future for

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As his case was one of suicide, and consequently, if it

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appearance ; this has happened in five or six instances. Sometimes the

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or gnawing. The duration of the local symptoms is of importance in this

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between the first and second phalanges of the little,

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were not mere threads or fibers, but presented a distinctly red appear-

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pounds. On Oct. 27, four horse serum tubes inoculated from cultures of Calf

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York City — some schools and asylums for the older children

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constantly confined to her bod; the enlarged uterus could be distinctly felt

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my medico-legal cases, in the others not, and they have also been de-

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last beginning to recognize, for their foolish and im-

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by large doses of saline diuretics, administered by the

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supposed, for it is the result of removable causes in most

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says, "Naturally the board did not send proxy papers in

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