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the same way as the rate of development of the malarial parasite in the ano-

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disease as a rule, but if with this it be soft and easily compressible or irregular,

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with cholera material. Flies have been caught in the ward in which cholera

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Micrococcus Gouon-Jicece. — The gonotoxin has been studied by Christmas,

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to be insured, and he was insured. Such careless business

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Site. — The influence of the site and extent of the lesions, is shown in the

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blood cultures and endocarditis, if it be present. Certain cases of pyaemia

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albumin being demonstrated, may now and then occur singly

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opaque. Friction murmurs appear in the peiicardium and pleura as a result

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Before dismissing this part of the subject let us remember that great credit

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congestion, irritation of the lower urinary tract which has in

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mydriasis of belladonna; and tinnitus, gastric disturbance, rashes, and

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symptoms have set in, the patients are irritable, refuse to be comforted, start

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tube was introduced and artificial respiration performed, gasped a few times,

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The Scottish Life Insurance Companies' Q . I. A., XIX., 209)

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useless. The Trillat atitoclave is a very good apparatus. Lentz's generator

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intermediate low leukocyte comit. Courmont and Montagnard saw nothing

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Ulcers in the trachea are very rare, Baer fuiding 3 among 529 cases. No

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In all shell-fish, the danger comes from the water in which they are put,

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enormous numbers in the water of the Elbe during the autumn. For a series

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to normal or subnormal. In the intervals of apyrexia the patient seems quite

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only apparent, and that if the vasomotor system can be stimulated, the symp-

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to impose an adequate loading. Before the introduction

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upon the temperature. If there is collapse he must be at once removed,

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tissues if retained and allowed to accumulate. It is not my

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the action of which is directed chiefly toward red corpuscles and leuko-

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are all good fellows and good personal friends, and make no

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parently be mistaken for diphtheria. Jehle regards the tonsils as the portal

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Jaundice. — The marked diversity of opinion as to the frequency of jaun-

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of the discrete, and in 28 per cent, of the confluent. Welch and Schamberg

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made during the stage of incubation. The blood is not infectious so far as

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it hurls the victim to destruction with great rapidity, the

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the albumin in these cases is serum-albumin and that the

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perfect asepsis embarrassing and frequently impossible.

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degree must always be considered in the prognosis. Delirium, coma and

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dio-vesicular murmur can be completely obliterated by hold-

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bered, as in several of this series the reaction was given only on the day of

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amount of membrane in the throat, and much valuable time is lost. In the

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No fibres could be observed in it." In this pamphlet there are many accounts

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2 There is no general acceptation as to what should be considered a psychosis in

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well-being of the United States depends on the maintenance

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mouth is unlike that seen in measles and also differs from the scarlet fever

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