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a sufficient number of instances of irregular onset and course to give the

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11 pensc, B. 12 pynpypmas, H., with a gloss lumbrici . 12 -gan, B.

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Farnsworth Lipp (of the Upper Lipps), shown here with her charming son. "All the benefits of


about the socket, and perhaps about the trochanters ;

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fluence and not, so far as is known, to structural al-

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pernicious symptoms, and the developmental cycle of the parasite

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point of practice in which we have little interest, the treatment of

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VAMC: Veterans Administration Medical Center, 500 Foothill Dr, Salt Lake

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resistance, the extremities and the heart-sounds on the same

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badoes, in his Official Report on Yellow Fever, observes,

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homoeopathic practitioner, and every friend and advocate of

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