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lecommended closely resembled whnt he had followed at

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arising from vascular, chiefly arterial, occlusion, — hemiplegia, aphasia ;

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Hip-disease is no longer a suHiciently refined diagnosis. In

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to these attacks, and they make him ill for several days.

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teen days, and was still improving. Of the other fatal

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Illustrated with 181 engravings. Philadelphia and New York: Lea & Febiger,

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centage of oxygen are of no special importance. It may drop to 13

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jequirity, all the new antipyretics and hypnotics, heart

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with low concentration of nitrogen at night. The salt excretion is increased.

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images ; and it is quite important to distinguish the cases

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trigemiui urspning. [Conti ibiition si la conuaissance de

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be typhus ? The dusky and heavy appearance of the face,

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be slow. In algid pernicious fevers, whose fatality is well known,

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it in an adult. Girls are oftener attacked than boys, as being, from

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growing conviction among the best students of this disease at the present

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of the whole, while the general arrangement of the w^ork is

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The discharges from the bowels are at first scanty, consisting of

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rival college in the city of Keokuk, and that he is incompetent to act in any

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in accounting for a cessation of pain in this case,

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Immediate relief by these corrections in a large group of patients is not to be

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thereby meaning that new corpuscles arise out of the previous

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and Behavioral Sessions run 9:00 am - 12:15 pm daily

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tions of the area ; and lastly, a point of importance

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M. Terrier did not agree with M. Polaillon, but ad-

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miliary tubercles in the tissue of the denuded facial nerve, while in

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