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6. In some textbooks one is advised to make an exploratory punc-
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proportion of cases, stricture occurred in the anterior
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a hard seat without suffering torture, and he walks with
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work of Blackall, and the paper by Dr. Wells on dropsy fol-
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is the connection of the heart with abdominal disease;
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appears to be induced by nervousness because of a tendency to lisp on
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the present year this figure will doubtless be much reduced. The
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I should rather say complications — of this disease, that
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with pepsin, a solution of papayotin, and peroxide of hydrogen.
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unselfish today, there are a lot of people who are giving their lives and
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times there have been adhesions to neighboring organs,
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at f. § i) should be dropped into the eye. Cocaine or a subcu-
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ulcer or subcutaneous abscess without evidence of lung involvement.
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with a similar group of animals without a laminectomy.
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the duodenum, and above, to the under surface of the liver. Its
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based, may be misleading in the extreme. Such an one should
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diately administered and child became well in a few days. One
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sensation was also diminished in the left arm, the left side of
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found altogether eight cases of genital tuberculosis
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abundantly in the month and back of the throat of every individual, and if they
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injured ulnar and median nerves. Duplay and Morat, Germain,
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lar membrane which invests the inferior extremity of the
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been made with a view of preventing this, and although

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