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Hence it should be useful to class cases of summer diarrhoea of
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is present it is likely to extend down the ureter, which may be dilated in its
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we believe, as a rule, been very successful, jpans rendered this manceuvre much more
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the people of the West, Milk-Sickness. By Wm. J. Barbee,
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with existing eye affections to work by this light than by
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the serotum was enlarged with so satisfactory a result that the i)atient
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icconnt of n snit for mal]>ra*'tiec, in which a woman sought< to
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head. Ccesarean section was contra-indicated owing to the death of the
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pliable, in half an hour it becomes heavy and sodden, resembling sausage.
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witnessed the experiments, and at the request of Dr. Miisehold I made a
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oblique fractures as well as to those that had been referred to in
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as we treat other affections made up of local inflammatory conditions and
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eggs, separately kept, was observed at frequent intervals. Table II gives the
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period of rest, although food was liberally supplied, it was moi^t probably employed in
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ployed. Such an experimental lesion seemed peculiarly adapted to
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The final meeting of the Section was held on Tuesday.
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in England and Belgium. Although it was very prevalent for
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such an irritation as to cause mucus diarrhea without trouble higher up. I do
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states, during the early period of their existence, had laws regulating the
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aseptic. If this could be accomplished, then we should not
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tion of P, glaucum is so vague as to include all green Penicillia. In
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kindle the smouldering flame into activity. From the very

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