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who started up suddenly in bed, with his eyes fixed and his head turned to

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cod-liver oil, the muriates of baryta and lime, &c. Mer-

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thesia had co-existed with the paralytic affection of the fauces in all the cases

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own resolution to refrain, he was in the habit of betaking himself

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almost entirely upon fat, and who are not stouter than the inhabitants of

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Dr. 0. L. Dana used hot water in cases of nervous dis-

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a bright and diligent student, who found time to take a leading

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■ r.,^ articles, which will be carried in the ambulances, in the box un-

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A predisposition, whether inherited or acquired, may be

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Dr. G. A. Main (Stockport), organising secretary of the Union,

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fossa" has been suggested and adopted by some as being more suit-

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upon the skin, with the formation of a papule. The papule develops

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sterile, the bacterium coli commune being the predom-

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ir** jodoform-Einreibung gegen Meningitis tuberculosa, Virchow'' s Jahresberichte,

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lem you must fight out for yourselves. You are men,

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The Treatment consists in giving the child fresh milk and,

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analyzed by Ames, and incomplete hemiplegia in another case.

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ne\er tailed, de-pite the lormid.ihle h.irr.iL;e- put up In the eneiiu's

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ond lot of frogs received later confirmed these results (Table II).

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A few words as to its course are, however, in keeping with our

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well cemented cisterns; by which he probably meant, that if

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There is, then, a totally different prognosis, as there is

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or the hypogastrium ; but certain authors prefer pubic.

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Osteology. The second, value £25, will be awarded to , the, Student who shall pass, at

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but as it is the arch has no keystone at all, and contaminated milk,

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inirtun. merely as common drivers, and for no other qualilication,

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exceptional cases, we may hear a friction sound, which, according

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sis ; and (3) to restore activity to the action of the liver

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spasm is present by the application of a 5 per cent,

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were found on the fifteenth day after the original feed of crescent-containing

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