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haiamfrked 'effect upon moccasin-venom, and medmm effect upon
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making an cflfort to get up and walk, tlic limb gave way, the
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twisting, as shown in one cell, or by the pin-and-hole
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ized tissue. The development of cancer, therefore, in
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(Fig. i), taken at that time, shows, he was then a well-
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11 the surgeon's acts determine the fate of a fresh
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of a left pneumothorax; from situs inversus, by the normal right-sided
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attending school in Ohio at the time itgot in his ear.
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ment of the duct in the ordinary and the modified sweat-glands, and a question
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having an autochthonous origin in any particular place ;
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degree of tenuity, which can preserve a continuous texture, to
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become discouraged and abandon the operation. Possibly
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from the blood in the branches of the pulmonary artery ; the removal of the
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This lung, also, showed numerous scattered tubercles varying
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ject, great care must be taken to distinguish between asepticism
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ADMINISTRATION OFFICES— Peggy Thompson, Sharon Gallagher, Ellen Harkins,
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not to burn the crackers. The spores can be transferred directly
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he had lost the use of an arm because it was improperly
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inoculated with Pasteur filtrates died, one on the 2-l:th, the other
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liability to return depends upon the character of the
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forcible and important objections.- The contraction manifested in
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reminiscences of great authors, his conceptions are always elevated,
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that others adduced by our author as diagnostic, do not, iu fact,
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dleton-in-Teesdale) ; J. Munro, M.D. (Barnard Castle);
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carried on under the supervision of the physician or a trained teacher.
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hearts condition, as being the best means of warding
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illy iii the fatal cases, moisl rales would be heard all
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Sorbait ; to imagination and terror by Rivinus ; whilst others again
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dejections again grow brownish and feculent ; the epithelial and exu^
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