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of our class into physicians — this book is really just for

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The infectious agent in measles has yet to be discovered. Klebs

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toneal Haemorrhage from an Extension in the Right Mesosalpinx. By

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perature was at times higher than the evening. Figure 72 shows

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found in from 15 to 70% of any given flock. On an average

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characteristics of the patient and of the "genius epidemicus."

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point of all the arteries. It is quite remarkable, says

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was present and sepsis occurred in 10 days. The seventh and

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greatly reduced. All of this could not be explained on the basis of co-

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without the most intense suffering. She was accordingly re-

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living. The most important fact about the treatment

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A myogenic origin of the bradycardia, wherever pneumogas-

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by constant and unremitting attention to the food and general

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when it was deemed necessary to urge their value on the public,

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eases with which it is possible to confound it are angina maligna and

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He had seen cases of double pneumonia with scarcely a bad

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ercised in part by tlie city and in part by the abutters,

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and allow to slough or clamp and allow to slough, or cut off with

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uncertain rule to guide us in the use of the forceps;

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perhaps a tendency to fixation of the muscles, especially those of respiration.

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all of our bad results and disappointments from its use, have

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indeed a remarkable showing that the cases were held down to so few.

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Different observers agree that in many, if not in most cases, a perni-

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within the first few days of their existence — subject to disease of

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* Handbuch der AUgemeinen und Speciellen HeilqueUeolehre. Vienna. z86a.

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tioners to a hasty, in my mind unnecessary, and consequently

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from man to cattle and cited in support of this theory

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This is the key to the whole physiology of the nervous system.

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varied symptoms presented during the seven or eight

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tric irritation of the medulla oblongata augments, while more powerful irritation diminishes,

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it had been standing and trying its limbs ; now vol-

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statements, of the value of which it would be for the jury to decide ; but he

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believe to be one channel through which the poi.'=on of cholera

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eases of this organ. Since a diagnosis can be made in

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suggestion twice a week, and that he has cured 1 9 cases

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military service again. Of course it would be necessary to

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cystectomy, but as the cystic duct was patulous I removed it near

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admission at 6 25 p.m. and 7 30 a.m. of Jan. 30. Bled 12 oz., and

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the patient to respire the antiseptic. His duty is to replenish

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reach their destination in the course of a week or two, and by the end of

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