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as the major center for most pediatric burn victims along the eastern seaboard. Its

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tin published. Contributions are solicited from other insti-

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of Hartford, "On the Influence of Mental Cuhivniwn en Health." He perhaps fails

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read on the first day of the nineteenth century before

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J Am Geriatr Soc 27: 541 -546, Dec 1979. 6. Dement WC,

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such a jolly way we were to get rid of the intermittents and remittents,

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could be injected in the dog in a small dose without causing any

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filtrable virus. Thus Turley {Oklahoma State Med. Assoc. Jour.,

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rectum, perforating both rectal walls, the anterior per-

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by a few sutures. If careful antiseptic precautions are

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silver nitrate and copper sulphate, and a bitter disap-

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opinion, demanding any consideration with regard to the

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other glands in the mouth and pharynx, and that its secretion is

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increases the intensity of obvious musical tones, or develops an obvious

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incomplete. Pancreatic secretion, which is usually in pro-

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sicians who were censured by the Coroner in the Jaeger

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time he published many important scientific papers as a result

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reprinted. The subjects discussed are emphysema, pneumonia,

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held February Sd, 1837, Richard Fennel had been duly elected

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chronous with the systole of the ventricles, audible in the praj-

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was subjected to this treatment, by the lime he had

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in endeavoring to judge of their respective merits, it is to be borne in mind

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Bilharzia eggs were said by Fagge to form the nuclei of uratic calculi in

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vii. 30-34. Also [Absti.]; Brit. M J., Lond., 1894, ii.

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lent results are obtained from the use of galvanism. A current of

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w office adjacent to 700 bed hospital. Compassionate and progressive

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layer is composed of flat, laminated cells, which may

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nations of these must be used to make the diagnosis. Because

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