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Mt-^rH'T ' other factor. The reason for this is that-maky Inspectors object to
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pieeidenQ7 of the Dean, and the examiner of the thesis is nndar their
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for a perpetual ticket : this entitles the holder to attend all the classes
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examinations are divided into two distinct parts, it follows that the
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neuralgia of the trigeminus, twitching of the facial muscles, tinnitus aurium,
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Now how do you proceed with the actual candling of these eggs?^
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ting a gagging reflex. This absence of the pharyngeal reflex is a particularly
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what is more frequent, coming on in separate attacks and lasting several
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unlimited, 25 guineas. Surgical practice : Three months, 7i guineas ;
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20. Wty art mo coBctmed with the Inspection of fresh fruits and vegetables that r-re
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this, exophthalmic goiter is due to a primary morbid change in the function
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may with advantage go through " Charteris " say twice, and so gain an
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Clinical Surgery, — ^Annandale's "Abstract of Surgical Principles,"
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presdble Fluids; Equilibrium of Fluids and of Floating Bodies;
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Yetta Scheftel, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Neurology.
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degeneration, anxiety, hallucinations, especially of tactile nature (" cocain
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Practical Anatomy. Third Year^ — ^Anatomy; Qeneral, Descriptive,
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"^tc V-ts through snail valves .through the vent hole* Grooves around the valve
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and morally ; and even the f ostering*of suggestion for therapeutic purposes is
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j^t ch«^ In Mtor, texture, cMcal conposltloK after tmrmt md tts^^e^^ieut
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distribution of the cervical sympathetic, symptoms of vasomotor paralysis oc-
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Zntri^ should be made only by vetertnaiy servlw personnel. "
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or Kirkes' "Physiology;" Surgery — ^Bryant's, Erichsen's, Bell's, or
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tunately, however, all cases do not terminate fatally. The disease may come
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tion is also characterized by the fact that certain other spinal symptoms, espe-
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Pediatrics, and Pharmacology, consisting of a general introduction to the organization
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commence, at the rate of three shillings weekly. The names of those
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tions of taste for sweet, sour, and salt from the tip of the tongue and the an-
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the muscular sense in the arms be disturbed to a marked degree, the patient
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