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and it was a matter of prime importance, to afl'ord such artificial aid

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salts, protein, and another substance recently dis-

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Were I called upon, however, to decide, I should advise the neglect

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and the abdominal muscles. It usually indicates sore-


in addition the left vertical canals show impairment

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under right eye, discharging ulcers on backs of both hands;

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M, D., University Va. — [From Hospital Case-Book.]

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cal material, can resort to a moving picture reconi

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atively small nutritive value of such food as reck-

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and afterward given a coat of paint or whitewash that

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various preventive inoculations, but others were not

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that belonged to another before it belonged to him.

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tendency could also be observed in the lower limbs.

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those gone before us which would cast a gloom over our

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parts of sulphuric acid, which may be diluted with water, to abate

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