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supposition that the primary disease was not one of the bones, but

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such glands as were already enlarged and palpably diseased.

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Chorea in the human patient has been treated successfully

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3 was then nearly complete. The mouth was elongated, and the

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The student will, however, have little difficulty In selecting

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who has devoted much attention to the use of oxygen

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attendants. In typhus fever very free ventilation is necessary, and sprays should

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when two or three of the movements, with dieting, will

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point of a tabes dorsalis in an individual of a neurotic tendency. They

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drainage conmienced, taking place along the sides and between

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person only requires a little of the reserve lung to be brought into play (a

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roundings, but bear in mind that of the country they leave behind

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for the operation room, and those brought in with him

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Dr. McLaughlin — I think our first order of business should be the appointment of a

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of 15 diopters" (convex 2 J) "No. i of the test-types."

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the plot, and was there confined for many months. Mead took,

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Eosenblueth, J. C, Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to instruc-

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or combined, but finally they often end in the lesions of the kidneys which

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albumen is separated, we should, since the pressure must here first affect

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occurred of severe and even fatal puerperal fever, in which

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ished as a result of a contraction of the peripheral vessels, while the blood

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carried it to its mother as she was grazing with the flock." A few

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Colonels, and of the abolition of so many appointments in the

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