Medicine Sinemet

in the laws of the American States. In this country, owing to

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simplified mode of taking a vaginal douche. The patient is

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capacity it is our custom to chart not only the actual vital

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by what method an animal is immunised against an infection, i.e. whether

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reducing the light with the diaphragm, until the bacterial

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origin. It is possible, however, by means of nitrate of silver, turpentine,

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1 In 269 cases Birch-Hirschfeld found amyloid changes —

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treatment, and especially to the development of a metastatic orchitis. In

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They all point to a rheumatic-like condition of the thoracic

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uraemic convulsions, sequelae to scarlet fever, in a girl ten years

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course, the laws must be observed, both in letter and spirit. — Louisville Medical

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the highest and the lowest levels of the diaphragm. This is

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(9) Measurement of blood sulfonamide without colorimeter

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the tube or sound by the aid of the index finger introduced be-

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recent follies, — with provision for not more than two hundred

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in difficult cases that distinguishes the wise and experienced

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rest. In sharp contrast to the clinical picture of these cases

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muscle, or a group of muscles, may enlarge ; the fibres increase both in

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The progress of sanitary science, and the bearing of the germ theory

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ness. These features, curiously enough, may disappear as the lung

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termine whether or not an organism is motile, although observa-

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the skin from a text-book on the Practice of Medicine. Another matter

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also an increased b'ood formation, but owing to the predominance

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phosphorus, arsenic, metallic, or carbolic acid poisoning, or as the result of

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General haemic infection may owe its origin to a primary focus

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ordinary intensities of illumination a visual photometer is most

medicine sinemet

(3) A rapid method for identifying CI. perfringens is now

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