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5. Prostatitis. In some cases the inflammation extends back the
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The special diagnosis is of the cause. It is important to determine if this
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their origin in the bladder or vagina; in the "^^ "^(j"
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comes very distinct. Now a change is to take place m the vesicle, and by
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pharynx, and larynx. The treatment should be directed toward reliev-
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symptoms, the sooner is a fatal termination to be expected. "When com-
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3onclusive, although there can be no question but that overcrowding and
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cases C(tn he cured, but the cure depends for the most part on the will of
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this occurs most frequently at breakfast. Diarrhoea alternates with con-
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vated round patches are seen projecting fj-om the internal laver. Thev are
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of epithelial cells which have pushed down through the basement mem-
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within the gland causes a swelling which may be tense and hard or doughy.
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good health, the localized pain, constipation, vomiting often following
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function of the kidneys most frequently occurs in the different forms and
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for preventing or overcoming it, but its indiscriminate use is more dangerous
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tents of the cavity are being discharged retraction of the chest and dis-
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has formed, it takes the place of the epithelium, and is situated on the ho-
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moval of the carious bone and all of the diseased tissues have not been
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erate opening should be made through the abdominal Avail and all parts

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