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banded with Care: and the laft grows plentifully in

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un/efs it happens in a kindly year, and be planted in

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but leljer , and perifhes every Tear after it has given

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jjrts The Leffer Sanicle Leav’d Wild Black Helle-

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Hcabarte , Without any order, but not fo fat or thick,

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monkeys. In the attempt to obtain this coccus from monkeys that

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and Worms, and many other Difeafes •, as alfo when

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" The common sun, the air, the skies to him are Paradise."

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themselves present problems apart from the fundamental one, per-

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are lower. At the tops of thefe Stalks and Branches

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redundant membrane on the jejunum we will excise that. We make

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Consumption, or more definitely, pulmonary tuberculosis,

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bers, named Doctors E. L. B. Stickney of Springfield, Mass ,

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(they being paft) comes the Seed which is numerous,

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long and encreafes much , loafing all its Stalks in

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Flower Is pafl, there comes in the place a three-fquare

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nfually into five divifions , the two couples ftanding

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Rib ■, about the lower parts of the Stalks, and to-

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which is the Cyperus rotundus odoratus : K v’metf, Cy-

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endearing letters to the patient about which the brotlier teased him.

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tion, it adds Heat, bringing on the Maturation, to Ad-

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derneath, after which come very large and flat rough

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grow upon fmall, long , tender Foot folks, which thru ft

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fides \Jni folium ) Cotyledon Sy be ft re : but mol! of

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Curce pofleriores calls it, Cichorium fylvtjlre pumi-

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it is manifell that it is not very fate to be given, no

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agement of Dr. Cai'l von Ruck j altitude 2350 feet, latitude

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purpofe the Ointment is only to be uled ; the Oint-

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to Yarrow Leaves •, of which fome would make it a

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with a brownifh flat Seed at bottom of each of them ,

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Leaves , fet a* a Tale or Border , with a dark yellow

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