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in consequence of whooping cough, especially if cold be taken.

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Watery secretion. When the disease is not checked it appears in the same form

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nothing more should be accompUshed these added six months

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objections which have been critically made, especially by an

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his Maker, bestowed by the wise Creator and Father of all; and while God has in-

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It i - ind, that in some instances there were incontrovertible signs

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cers, Tumors, Diseases of the Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach, Spleen, Kidneys, Bowels,

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earliest undoubted cases of malignant cholera were met with ; and

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[In connection with this I would remark that we have in this presented to

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nine ; but, like tea and coffee, opium, it may some day force

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and persons who died of small-pox, lues venerea, cholera and other com

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the substitution of young and inexperienced labor, for that which is skillful and

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How vast and shocking is the field here presented to the eye of the philanthro-

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her virtue. All the arts and powers of man cannot triumph over the virtue of

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ire deficient of phosphorus or phosphoric acid in the brain and blood; and

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lemma of striped mnsde are really the nuclei of vessels and

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course freely and purely along its arterial avenues when under the influence of the

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looked upon as an adjuvant rather than as a substitute. For

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has introduced his vices, to the manifest injury of the inferior

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affected. It contained no sypmlitic cicatrices or deposits. There

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October 20, a death occurred in three different vessels while per-

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tparedfor him ! venison.— Gen. xxvii. 25.— "And he said,

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The cause of insanity, (hen. is from the brain, (which is filled with phosphorus.)

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possible to watch the development of the disease in such cases from

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If we rightly remember. Dr. John Ogle was the first, or one

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is remarkable, in some cases, how little optic neuritis and its

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the testes, the glans penis, the tongue, the stomach, cheeks, lips, and angles of the

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tuose who disobey the laws of Nature and of Nature's God.

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J)assing portions of tapeworm for the last three months, and that

cataflam drug category

ness, nausea, and vomiting. The nitroprussid test showed a

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size, though they may vary in shape. The reticulated red cells

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Thousands are the cases of disease arising from a substitution of pernicious prac-

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God slew Onan because of his spilling his seed upon the ground ; he yielded no

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full and thorough course of medicine, according to directions, will restore the suf-

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