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ease, a condition of lowered vitality, required to be combatted

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catapres tts3

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by M. Berger. One of them had been operated on two years pre-

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Next day he was better, up and about. Take ol. ricini Sss.

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right kidney was displaced and sensitive. The legs were swollen

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day? A. clique is at hand; a caucus organized; a "new

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done, it constricts the gastric vessels and may thus divert more blood

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For the labors of the statesmen will give away \o the pitiless

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eral terms, of tbe local Board of Healtb, also of tbe City

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author takes special occasion to give due credit to Dr.

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called on to treat many cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. Most

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effects further determine to the emunctory organs, and cause

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reached its maximum, I ^ve full doses of ergot. The aspir-

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Southern'States. The viperine or elapaid snakes are poorly

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benefaction, on the part of a private individual, to the cause

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held in the lap in the intubation position. The mouth-gag being

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in the intervening three centuries include engravings by Philips Galle of

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dents. By ARMAND SEMPLE, B. A., M. B. (Cantab.); M. R. C P.,

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the cerebellum, in the olfactory bulb, and in the central acoustic

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i-grain dose, or he may dissolve enough in water to make,

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In chloroform poisoning, the amyl has been injected hypo-

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now, five months later, remains in fair health. The spleen was

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chief, and in all cases they are injurious by contravening the

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is not a sufficient h3'pnotic, morphine is, and too of ten the arms

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bryotomy of the living child can ever be considered other than a

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an inch in diameter, situated at the anterior fontanelle, which

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often recommended. There is no reason why this prepara-

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turned and he began to work again. The ganglia of the right side

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At present I have under observation an elderly primipara, near-

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