Catuaba Bark Dose

connection with whooping-cough than with any other disease. The diOd

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Rome. This was on the second of Janur:ry, one of the

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walks, and Courtship's Maze has to him a significance which

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from the churchyard, were inopportunely captured in some nook

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to dryness, mixed with alcohol of the specific gravity of 815,

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it is especially interesting on account of a family ten-

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he remains a captain after twenty years, $2,800 a year. The

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but little approve of the aid obtained from the ancient Greek writers,

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heart disease in not a contra-indication to its use

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January 21, 1870. A Committee, to whom had been re-

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be used in all kinds of weather, and the benefit is as marked at one season as another.

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or rupture of uterus, where the os is still imperfectly dilated, the mother

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that the trouble is incurable; and indeed it is, unless we

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flesh and strength, and if not relieved of her disease,

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nurse her baby and give it the food that God intended for it.

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the oflener this form of medicine is administered. It is generally in this condition

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Chart 6. — Curve in five of our poliomyelitic fluids: 112110000.

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other cause producing syncope in mother, whereby the quantity of blood seat

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tliird of the physicians of this county wlujse names

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]851.] Morland, Extracts from Soc.for Med. Improvement. 47

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rays: Three areas, right and left side of neck and posterior occipital region,

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ton Bangs, M. D., Surgeon to St. Luke's and Charity Hospitals, New

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lar to the one we are accustomed to call ^' catarrhal fever, '^

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third and fourth he became almost frantic. The pain

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only one way is open, viz., into the aorta — the muscular wall

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debilitated patients as well as powerful, athletic men. The

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pounds, oxalic acid, the mineral acids, bichromate of potassium, alcohol,

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quires surgical intervention and the prognosis then

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The annual report of the Committee on our Indigenous Medical Bota-

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cussion for the delimitation of organs, err h]/ percussinrj too hard.

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maintained, by reason of some change of environment, the longer is their

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