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midst of whom they lived. (Bull, de la Soc. d'Em. 1823, Avril.) Dr.
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in the rectum which has been removed with but little dis-
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the District of Columbia ; provided as follows, that is to say :
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non-professional reader the principal facts, statistics, and argu-
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my predecessor) in limiting the normal attendance at liie
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constipation, now troubled him. The specific symptoms
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cachectic, is wasted away, has a relaxed skin, and oedema about the
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make an estimate of his general condition, and note particularly
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animal has a dry, painful cough, and presents a dull, stupified
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cial cause in our patient we do not need such, and nothing indicates it
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(2) A 20/50 Snellen illiterate "E" is used instead of the smaller
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time complains that his right eye is defective, and, when trying to read
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have been shown to cause Ihe tottowing additional adverse reactions: paresthesias, vertigo,
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The next three editions were printed by Bobert Wyer. They
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the lymph of the peritoneal, pericardial, and cerebro-
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home and carry with them death to regions where their exist-
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" During the journey he was extremely dejected, continually
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The local consequences of the paralysis are, however, by no means trivial.
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New tests including chromatographic analyses of groups of compounds have been
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Aooording to Mr, Curling, the various apearances presented by the medulla, whiA
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marked on the plates which have developed by that time. The plates
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than those of the abnormal formation, which may be double, treble, or
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cartilages and cellular tissue that I expected to be able to
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Endocrine: Controlled studies in animals and man have shown no
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ference ; and, very specially, syphilis. A high maternal temperature, if it
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ii, 12-15. Also. Itepriut. — Page ( H. W. ) Cantwell's
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at that time adherents of the school of Ehrlich, like^Kraus, took strong
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ing formula : Take of sulphate of zinc and sulphuret
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of drugs, to oppose the standardization of as many as possible of the drugs
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absent in 3. Murray notes one instance of insaniiy and 2 of halluci-
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the error of refraction had been most carefully corrected, examination
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like the small iron cooking vessels are suitable. Each pot should always be
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wire to the electric wall fixture. The foot twitch control. The

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