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the eruption of typhus fever. At this period typhus was called

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3. Cann CA, Genant HK: Precise measurement of vertebral mineral content

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unfrequently exhaust the patience of the afflicted sufferer,

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Duckworth (D.) Perforating ulcers of feet in a case

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but simply to emphasize certain details in its practice which, I

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no doubt that many infants suffer from " crowing breath-

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respiratory movements are lessened, and in labored breathing the ribs and

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will be reported at that time for final approval. The rules

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stated that all the distressing symptoms of laryngeal

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grains of potassio-tartrate of iron three times a dav in

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form to use the adrenalin is in solution of its chlorid, one part

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when it was desirable to continuously employ a sedative

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struction of the hair. All the follicles in the region do not contain

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During the interval of shock the thick muscular walls

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there was any jamming of the fundus uteri, and the sound when introduced

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and the whole site of the operation scrubbed and disin-

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remarks that, with regard to the opinions of different writers,

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ing with more corrective remedies, as above mentioned. When

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made by mixing together equal parts of bread crumbs and of

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this case the trouble probably originated in an attack of tlie

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patients were headache, insomnia, " biliousness," sick-

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have been obtained as a result, considerable obscurity still remains.

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tween the blades is cut through, and the proceeding repeated on the other

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upon which the energy of the /3 radiations falls receives an

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drod and Sixteen Figures in the Text an<l Two Plates.

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prescribing practice, also there are those situations where

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for anaesthetizing the uvula and adjacent parts for laryngoscopy or

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without the antitoxic serum had a mortality of 18.6%. That

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position ; and the trunk, when the patient stands, is bent in the same

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in infancy, when the elements of the skin were in the

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'^ Gaillard's Med. January, 1880, vol. xxix., p. 15.

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tion of morphiee. The dyspnoea may be relieved by dry cupping ; oxygen

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were endowed with five senses, but I always supposed that

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neuritis does not affect Waller's law, but proves that peripheral lesions of

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current practices and procedures. MMFQ/Health and Safety 1982;

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