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to night flying. (Capt. T has had 600 hours in the air day fly-

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man, engaged in scientific experiments with the electric

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lost, either by sloughing or by amputation. The ulcerated surfaces were va-

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^fany of these suggestions in general management may seem

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to have entirely disappeared ; pulse 64 ; pectoriloquy less evi-

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Bryant [Lancet, May 12, 1S94, p. 1189) reports a case of this kind in a


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patients in whom the pain is moderate, and is only felt when a

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minded Persons, by Dr. G. E. Shuttleworth, of Richinond,

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in one or more of these organs which occur sympathetically, and as the

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these conidial fructifications mounting in fluid commonly greatly dis-

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messuage or tenement called the " Shippe " and a field of land

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Bed-wetting is said to be due to several causes : Irrita-

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of the statistics and contribute remarks thereon. Dr. Edward R.

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the sternum, as the point of election for paracentesis. In two

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lieve that in the stage of collapse remedies do not

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hydrates Avas increased. During the period that the extract was being

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RotAnv Professor Baj. Mr A. N. ; Professor „, g^.„ j Dr -James ' Professorl

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of centres over which the patient has practically no control.

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quantity of urea which is found in the blood, proves that its elimination is really

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established to his satisfaction, he can issue a warrant for her

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main sufficiently long, it would cause simple fibrinous ex-

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was laid upon the necessity of constant watching of brain

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similar to those of the bone marrow, namely, various forms of myelocytes,

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ones like the triton, being extremely sensitive to this part

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not wasteful, and which had been carefully gathered in the grand days

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tary measure, compelling the body to derive the fluids

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hepatic abscess, chronic interstitial hepatitis, acute yellow atrophy of the

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