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exhibited to the society by Mr. Adams, and described in a paper published with

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The animal apjjarently recovered fully, though we have no record

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examined in the fresh state, the search was abandoned ; consequently in

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projects beyond the red blood cell and here the oscillations of the

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sels in the cutis is heightened, and of a dilatation ob-

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must express our admiration of the results obtained with its

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complete document ; it can not, in any way, justify the very

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On August 27th the doctor who attended him found that he

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ent generation has produced few who would have ranked as

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no diagnostic importance in the cases of infants, [e.l.]

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by the opacity of the retinir and fatty degeneration

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disease described by another. In the fortnight following

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ward, with its teeming population of 38,828 does not appear to be as pro-

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Since 1981, each of these important associations has

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^^^Btoo readily a theory which appears to be only a revival of a long

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caused by caries of the spine, or a ^ scrofulous " inflammation and

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atropy of the entire eyeball. Prognosis bad. Probably total

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are probably those which keep the skin of ^T'T^^'^'^'' .^" ,- . , ' !".The Jour-

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instructive to trace. This entire group of diseases,

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method of combating tuberculosis among the poor; this

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but non-intercourse, which is a very different thing.

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the chief of the Laboratory Service of your hospital when patients from overseas

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third-cousins. In all, 40 cases out of 753, or only rather more than

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comurus were to be expelled from every dog in the country, and

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reached the stage when the slightest amount of sighing

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course of conversation, however, he stated that his

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thoughts to the realities of another world, with the earnest, fervent

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Following is a summary of the position of the division

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Peter was the headquarters of the Sixth Regiment, under the command of

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in which new morbid products are often deposited. These

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them as to the hidden things of the future. And we have one

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It consists in a separation of the immediate, or proximate consti-

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seems, nevertheless, well established, that humidity favors its occur-

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