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and result in irritation and spasms. The same nerves which

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painful, glands were noticed in the supra-clavicular region

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the cerebral cortex, three of periarteritis syphilitica, showing

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individual may be comparatively superficial or quite

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capacious vagina, and to obviate the necessity for resorting to

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again used. After that she slept quietly for nearly an hour, at the end of which she

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fatty matter, is the basis of treatment of gastrenteritis in young infants. He recom-

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are produced those valvular lesions, which, by obstruct-

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B.Sc, Birmingham. (Six months' laboratory course of hygienic chemistry; a

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requirements of the tissues cannot at first be obtained by the red

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sense, gives the following practical statements about

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1902 GiTNN, L. G., M.D., Dub., F.R.C.S., Surgeon Adelaide Hospital,

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that the last change effected in tubercles, before being expelled from

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That so many highly respected members of our body should

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organ could have been formed entirely for a long period of time, and as the

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since the variolous infcciion has grown milder in type, is often slight or mav be

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Irregular or partial contractions of the uterus cause malposi-

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minutum, nostoc cceruleum, and other plants therein figured. Indeed, it

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This form of treatment can only be carried oat sacoessfuUy by a

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evident, and especially so, since if generally adopted,

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cals et Chirurgicale. Par A. Becquerel. ^ Avec 15 figures

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show the disease to have much wider relationships than

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tering, not only to Dr. Draper, but to American authors gene-

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