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real need of active measures. The salicylates, espe-
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which transition into alopecia areata takes place under observation. In
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resulted in a severe and relapsing type of serum disease lasting twenty
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felt over the cardiac area, or where the empyema tends to point. The
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effect. In a case which I saw with Prof. T. G. Thomas, in 1867, in which
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bronchitis, and gastritis ; by mouth-breathing, asthma,
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and Germans recognize many varieties, designated as " simple, adyna-
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Constipation was the most frequent complaint (2.2%). Other
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and therefore often so called, and still oftener applied in
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headaches? Yes, from eyestrain. How is your appetite?
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frequently called upon to use electricity as an adjuvant in the
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suffer some slight uneasiness for a few days following confinement; and
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of the blastomycetic origin of cancer. He finds these organisms
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a piece of breakfast-bacon eight hours before admission, a vulcanite plate
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Definition. A progressive anaemia in ruminants and other ani-
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diseases amongst factory operatives, and is attributable to the
of the patient is too decided to be referred exclusively to the fifl
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stipation of the bowels; but the bowels were reguloted under the use of Strychnia, Iron and
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The soundness of the theory is only to be tested by facts, but an appeal
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intestinal obstruction. Carcinoma affecting the tail of the pancreas
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mitted during the year; ditto of all tlie re-admissions; dilto of
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heretofore in vogue, in order that the meaning of terms, still more or
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From present accounts it would appear that Banting has made one
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ComjHtriaon of areraae numerical and commercial wore* made by jury when the. cheese iwut
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monomorphous or polymorphous, its essentially " erythematous " character,
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plexion is pasty and sallow : the expression dull and fatuous. The fontanelles
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appearance of each secretion, if slow in appearing, or if it slackens
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To ray astonishment there was no haemorrliage, and I kept on
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ing free scholarships and beneficiary scholarships broadcast over the

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