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i. B., Bd. V, 1891. Enggesser, ibid. Eperon, Retrnl)ull)ar Neuritis, Progres m^il.,

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to a slight degree — the charlatan were combined in his

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gratuitous medical services consist of Dr. Burrows, Dr.

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mind, and accomplished, though silent and reticent : he was chiefly

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salt-free material obtained at the close of Exps. Ill and IV, in which the

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thoracic complications he recommends : Tinct. bella-

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Dr. R. thinks, will be found " by looking to the expression of the countenance,

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ation of this " slightly quivering blood, we may at length see

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Labourand, and a few other writers. Recent literature has made several ad-

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without consulting its members is to treat them with injustice

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races of mankind, and its bearing on the antiquity of man.

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We are happy to hear is to be published at the request of the gentlemen to

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was afraid she would kill herself She had recently been

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pect of permanence, or could, even for the time, be satisfactory to the profession

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ulates in the uterus, and there forms so-called fibrous polypi, such as

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but in the child they are especially so, and conscquenilv the

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even more movements may be chronometrically compared with one another,

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proportion of cases, stricture occurred in the anterior

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actions of the American Medical Association. Another subject which

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tehraia? I ask the question simply and confessedly witli

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gathering them in some enduring form, and they invited

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My friend, Dr. Phelps, reports a case of a fellow-student

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(and tbe general public) a plan (outlined in the " Boston Medi-

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the adjustments of the solar system, the seasons, the climate, the action of the Tegetable

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embracing the visceral and parietal surfaces, and some degree

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couraging, though the method is too young as yet to be

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for there is such variation in cases that much time is

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months, as they often do, his strength is consumed, and his nutritive

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Causes. — In consequence of the bursting of a small abscess in

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iog and exhilarating enough. Dr. Cullen is lucid in style

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apparently lie dormant for years, that the greatest care is

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persisting for a long period. Pain and soreness in the chest are sometimes

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of the disease. This, with an emetic in the first twelve hours, may cut

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After a horse is 17 or 18, the grinders wear down, and

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