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nearly always an infection, — from the liver and the bile ducts as well
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been considerably extended through the labors of Pasteur's students
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Through an enlargement of the orifice, caused by the injury
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those of Huxham, and Cullen, and Pringle, and Rush, and Good, and
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mittee, is clear and definite, and sustained by tlie best statistical facts within
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that her relatives will hear regularly from the nurse or physi-
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The patient remains afebrile, and after two years of antimy-
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ammonia which the lime displaces from its saline combinations
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" Cardiovascular disease must be looked upon as a great evil in
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“When will justice come to Athens?” And Thucydides
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were, as I shall soon have occasion to notice, both
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f Lancet,' April 14, 1855, p. 381 ; April 28, 1855, p. 429 ; and May 26, 1855,
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confined April 23, 1873; labor short and easy. Twenty-four
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Western Infirmary. — Visiting Physicians, W. T. Galrdner, T. M*Call
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upon the exceeding importance of distinguishing these two
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rangement ought, therefore, to be accepted for what it is worth,
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Source of Infection. — ^The life-history of species of the genus Ojyis-
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extent to masses the size of the fist which have come down
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of the legs. He had had a primary lesion four years before. Fol-
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who are listed as "not in practice" are Homeopathic,
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Lithotrity is in general considered as inapplicable to chil-
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the middle ear to the mastoid antrum and cells, after that invading the

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