How To Take Xength

year, and in the third series, forty-two per cent, relapsed
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and best Pepsin, and that every lot made by them is carefully tested before offering
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self to a "faith " regimen by preference; he was anointed and
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be given to the corneal or sclerotic operation, when the latter
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alone fails, or acts too slowly. It generally proves a
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sion from widespread hemorrhage when there are no localizing
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3. Mechanical vomiting is the result of the violence and duration of the
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diagnosis of masses on a chest film, in the proper clinical
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indication to castration, as the removal of the affected testis has a
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to be engaged in his regular duties or as master of a ship, giving
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of the gastric mucous membrane, antidotes can do no possible good,
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and subsequently he reported the well-known lectures of Mr. Aberaethy.
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des Anges. N. Yorker med. Monatschr.. 1898, x, 198-
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Extreme prostration may require the use of brandy internally.
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a man of science, who had year after year recited to
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Kansas City, MO. Contact: Barry Kling, University of Mis-
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Bell, A. L.: The Influence of a Previous Sire.. 321

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