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to be uncommon, for I have met with it twice only in my life. It
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mencing with i or i gr. of morphia. No doubt the subcutaneous injection of
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function are distinctive of the higher form of mammalian
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contemporaries, Dodoens and Clusius, without observing not only how
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the schools. The poison is carried to school by children in the catar-
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Presbyterian Hospital; Assistant Surgeon to the Out-
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world, working out his principles and practice will
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just as a newly infused cup of tea is an enjoyable beverage,
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In the next four experiments the blood was obtained from three large
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The arterioles can not retract and contract. If there is a spurting artery,
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Divide into fifty pills. Dose, three to five pills a day.
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the ripening is its destructive process. It never should
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diet deficient in fat-soluble vitamine is slight, provided it includes
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evident cause ; but occasionally it takes place as a coosequence
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L. — Incision, then tapped. Present, Dr. II. Roe, and others. Was living a
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of all kinds, and a great variety of other objects, provided certain pre-
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the absence of ocular disease, or after the most pains-
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In December, 18-48, after an interval of eleven years, the disease
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that the upper respiratory mucosa carries far more active virus in the
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exit of air and shows what part of the bowel is affected. Reinflation
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thrax of a dense, dry part of the skin may be a mild local disease ;
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