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inches, width 7 1-8 inches, depth 8 inches, weight,
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plaining of great pain in the epigastrium, and somewhat obstinately
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number of marriages take place between relatives; that attention has during
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It appears, therefore, that CP does not induce cancer
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drawn into the pelvis by the uterus, or else forceps may lie
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all of which an ample supply of water is furnished, and at so small an annual
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to have afforded no distinction between the sane and
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inches long and of such a depth that "the rotula or round
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* a tendency to nausea,' constrained by the will, is the most fitting
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found that the respiratory difficulty had subsided,
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As the nourishment of the enamel and dentine depends upon the pulp,
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of the right marginal gyrus and neighbouring portion of
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German Measles. {Rot he In), (i) The incubation period is
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Ca3E V. Chronic lieadache. Type leading to nasal scrofula.
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parasites of malaria and similar parasites, and this as-
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convictions of his own mind which he knows to be honestly,
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Farnsworth Lipp (of the Upper Lipps), shown here with her charming son. "All the benefits of
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immigiants than in persons of other nationalities. Hereditary inilumces
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Messrs. Winser & Co. are also the patentees for a new form of
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pear on his face, which gradually became larger and
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Illustrations should be glossy prints or drawings in India ink on white
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complete, during which the breath is free, the child cheerful
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dark brown ; later, clear yellow. In the very severe cases the stools
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Caroline Walsh was healthy, cleanly, and neat in her person, and her
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cUnical from clinical tuberculosis. Patients under the head of non-chnical
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«< The intestinal canal is under the direct influence of the sympa-
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years, whether exposed to the influence of the sun or not.
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(b) Poisonous substances may develop in the food as a result of
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Symptoms. — It is simple haematuria when blood is found in
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is indicative of an interruption of the association tracts between
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to the ounce of water, is an efflcient antiseptic, especially applicable to

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