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cording to Sir James Melville, who wrote a short biography

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opportunity thus offered it to aid Dr. Carmichael in yet again

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lose their efficacy. Such cases are often very trying to the patience of the

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another, nor yet a battlefield for a trial of strength between the

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present state of the case. There must be nothing of haphazard

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the epitrochlear-condylar line — causes a typical diaphysial

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times the head feels full and iarge, with confused feeling, and

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the successful employment by him of muriate of cocaine as a

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He refers to the circumstance in these words : ' I was deliver-

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the adventurous patient in the case just cited. Other of the

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following medical societies: American Medical Associa-

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to medical literature made by Dr. Mary Putnam Jacob!

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one. Its purpose is to point to the marked " deforming " changes in the

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Nevertheless, numerous experiments have gone to show that it is

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of medicine ; he was for one year in Berlin, Germany, where he studied

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cloth, if not permanent, is at least not readily washed out. This

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It corresponds to the middle part of the posterior surface of

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Ulcer in her Bowels, which might be the Occasion of her fre-

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physicians, who had charge of the reception and entertainment

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from Lake Forest College, in 1892; that of A.M., from Harvard in

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edies — are guilty of inconsistency and wrong-doing. Such

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The Bureau of Psychological Medicine presented practical

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Dk Kit.i N M. KiKis !■; nf Scnuh VLtiylish descent, and

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Epidermolysis Bullosa Hereditaria, associated with congenital Alope-

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ing to ourselves and harmful to others, may not be committed.

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The Second Stage. — The fear that ca?nphor would neutralize

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P. Whipple ; and much other entertaining reading on the cus-

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poorty lighted places; mental and physical overexertion, as in teachers, gov-

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held its thirty-fourth annual meeting in Albany, Feb. 10 and 1 1

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